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AX View - Kodi Stream Updater


Install and relax while we manage everything! With no complicated set ups, everything you could want to watch available instantly. Enjoy Internet TV! Wherever you are using the power of Kodi.
Available on Mobile, Tablet and Android TV Box.
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Installation:When installing you will be prompted to download Kodi Media Player, this is the app that AX View will be updating
Please make sure to use the aXview App Button regularly, as this will keep your settings updated and make sure the app is as seamless as possible. If Kodi is used before aXview during installation, the app may have to be re-installed.
For an example of installation please see attached images
Online Support:If you need help with anything or have any issues please feel free to contact us at:
This purchase updates you with all of our favorite Kodi addons, we will update you frequently with working alternatives if any of them break.
We would like to add that credit goes to those who put the singular addons together (Genesis, DexterTV, The Phoenix Team , Robocop, Sportsdevil and NJM. Without them, we would not be able to keep you updated with their latest work and compile our prefered list that makes our interface so simple. Thank you.
Thanks, Enjoy.
DMCA disclaimerIf any of the content downloaded and used within this application infringes on any act of the DMCA please report it immediately to We will remove all content that contravenes any copyright acts. All files are provided by third party members who have agreed that the content is theirs to share in the public domain. We merely act as internet service providers but we can and will remove any content found to step outside these acts.
DisclaimerBy installing this application you agree to the terms set out in our Terms and Conditions found here